Top 7 Sunday: Female Book Characters

Throughout the blogging community, I have come across many ‘Top … …’, and I thought they were great posts as what’s better than giving your favourite characters, books or films to recognition they deserve!? So this is going to be a regular thing where I discuss my top seven things of the week, whatever they may be. I hope you enjoy these posts. I’m sure I will writing them.
P.s. These will be in any order not favourite to least.

1. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Series
Obviously there is going to be a Harry Potter character or 2 within this list as they are all extremely fantastic! I have adored Hermione for many years and I just think she is brilliant. For me, she is everything I want to be. Academically smart, a witch and a complete bad-ass! I have grown up with Harry Potter, and she has always been whom I have looked up to whilst growing up. She is a true, loyal friend who will do absolutely anything for those she cares about, no matter the risk or consequence. I truly wish I had a friend as great as her. To expand on this, she is one of the most sassiest, brave, understanding person/character I have ever come across. She doesn’t let anyone get her down, especially Malfoy, and always does what she wants and love despite being called names and others trying to put-her-down. She is just amazing. Do I need to say more. Her name should be enough!

2. Celaena Sardothian/ Aelin Ashryver Galathynius – Throne of Glass Series
I started reading the ‘Throne of Glass’ series sometime this year and I love it. Aelin is by far one of my favourite characters as she is very different from your typical female characters, who are somewhat weak (sorry) and always need a man in their life. Despite her actually 2 men in her life, she doesn’t depend on them for anything except for affection. She is the definition of bad-ass and I have never come across a female character before who has gone through so much pain and terror and has come out as great as she has. Normally they end up all whiny and pathetic but not Aelin. She powers herself with that grief and uses it to her own defenses. She doesn’t allow anyone to hold any power over her, but if they do she always finds a way to get away from it and no matter the extent of the problems she faces, she always most-likely succeeds or has a solution! Just brilliant.

3. Cress – The Lunar Chronicles
The Lunar Chronicles are definitely in my top 3 of favourite book series! Despite loving both Cinder and Scarlet, who are equally amazing, I have always held a spot in my heart for Cress. The main thing I adore about her is her awkwardness, but most of all her determination. Despite being locked up alone in space forever, she never lost of hope of ever getting down and meeting her one true love, Captain Carswell Thorne – who I believe, is also my one true love. Although it seems she hasn’t really done much with her life except sit in a small room and brush her hair, she really has done some incredible things! She met her true love, grew a whole load of hair, made herself a friend (literally) and became a computer genius! In my opinion, she reminds me of a kitten. Fragile and scared, but really a tiger deep inside just waiting to come out! Her main feature I adore has got to be her over-active imagination. That is what makes her, her. It is what fuels her through life and helps in times when she needs it most. I just love her.

4. Isabelle Lightwood – The Mortal Instruments
I must admit from the beginning of this series I was a bit iffy on whether I actually liked Isabelle, but as the series continued I grew to love her. She is the definition of an independent woman who doesn’t need no man. Her persona on the outside is completely different to what is on the outside and that is one of the main things I like about her, she is full of surprises. You literally do not know what to expect next from her. Apart from being a brilliant demon-killing, vampire-slaying tough gal, she is also a loving, very protective sister who would do absolutely anything to keep her family safe and protected. Despite being so cold on the outside, in reality she is just like everyone else who cares about the silly things such as boys and her parents opinion.

5. Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter
Here we are. Another Harry Potter character. I love all characters in the series but these are the ones that stand out most. One of them is Luna Lovegood. For one she is completely bonkers. but brilliant about it. Second of all, she just doesn’t care. People call her all day every day, even those she considers friends, but this never seems to dampen her spirit and it has never once changed her or stopped her from doing anything that she wanted to do. To me, she is a true inspiration for people everywhere as she projects that it doesn’t matter what people think about you, as long as you are happy.

6. Bridget Jones – Bridget Jones’ Diary.
However strange is seems, from a very early age I have always loved Bridget Jones. When I was younger I’d watch the movie all the time and swoon over Colin Firth and get an intense feeling for woman power. When I was older I read the books. I was thrilled when ‘Mad About a Boy’ got released as it was all I had wanted for years. Bridget, like me, is a hopeless romantic and falls for all the wrong people. She is bursting with enthusiasm and a will to succeed no matter the problem. I just think she’s brilliant!

7. Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games
Now I must ask, who doesn’t completely love the Mockingjay? Such a brilliant character and an inspiration to girls everywhere! Despite being your typical small town girl who makes it big, she truly is an amazing woman. She fights for the greater good and what she believes in and risks everything to help save her loved ones and those around her. More of less every quality about her is just brilliant! She’s extremely handy with a bow and arrow, great at survival and although she puts up a tough front, she really is just a teenager who has a lot of feelings. I am very excited for Mockingjay part 2 to come out, but not all that excited about the deaths as I know I will cry and actual river


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