July TBR

Hello and welcome to my July TBR.
This month, is the first month it what seems forever where I can read to my hearts content and not feel an ounce of guilt about it. Due to exams recently my TBR pile as grew to an out of control pile, which desperately need to be read. So this month I plan on tackling a lot of these books, and finishing those which I started reading too long ago.

A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Mass
Ever since this book was released I have been really eager to start reading it. I read the first book in the series (a Court of Thorns and Roses) and absolutely loved it, so waiting this long to read the sequel has been nothing but short of hell. I instantly fell in love with the characters, and can’t wait to discover what journeys the Fae kingdom takes them on. I also need some more Rhysand in my life.

The Trials of Apollo – Rick Riordan
I finished the Percy Jackson series earlier this year (which I loved) and was thrilled to hear this book was soon to come in my possession. I adore Rick Riordan and the Greek mythological world which he has created, leaving me craving for more, especially since this book is exploring new characters and journeys.

Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare
Now this is just ridiculous. I waited a very long and painful year for this book to be released and I haven’t even read it yet. What am I doing. The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices are two of my most loved series, holding some of my favourite characters and mythical creatures with their brilliant story lines being beautifully written. I am so eager to read this book, having experienced the greatness that Cassandra creates and falling in love with the characters. Julian I am coming for you. Beware.

Stardust – Neil Gaiman
Growing up, Stardust was one of my most beloved films, so I think it’s fitting that I finally get round to reading the book behind it. Although I haven’t read any of Neil’s books before, I am mega excited to begin reading it and discover his beautiful writing and delve into his wonderful worlds.

The Fellowship of the Ring – J.R.R Tolkein
Ever since reading The Hobbit (one of my favourite books) I have been eager to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien is an absolute genius when it comes to fantasy and writing, with him being able to create a clear image in your minds transporting you to magical lands filled with beautiful surroundings and brilliant characters  I really think I’m going to enjoy this book/series.

The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater
This was one of the books I began reading whilst in the middle of my exams and sadly had to put down. Now that I have tons of spare time on my hands I am definitely 100% going to finish this book and most likely the series. I love the characters, their relationships, the mystery and the adventure that make this series the great thing that it is. I’m also meeting Maggie on August 1st for signing/discussion of her book The Raven King, so I’m even more eager to get it finished.

These are all of the books I plan on reading in the month of July. Most likely more books will come my way and distract me, but I am a woman on a mission and I believe I can do this!  I’ve missed out so much these past few months on important reading, but I’m ready to get back into it, at the speed on Zeus’ lightening bolt. Ill see you on the other side.



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