An Evening With Maggie Stiefvater – ‘The Raven King’ Discussion and Book Signing.

If you aren’t familiar with the wonderful Maggie Stiefvater, let me acquaintance  you with her. She is a New York Times number one bestselling author and best known for the Shiver trilogy, The Raven Cycle series and The Scorpio Races. She resides in Virginia with her husband and two children and admits that she doesn’t know what she does for a living. In addition to being a brilliant author and creator of worlds and swoon-worthy characters she is also a hilarious woman.
The evening consisted of Maggie telling a room full of excited fangirls and fanboys about her first career of a portrait artist and how ‘the ugly baby’ made her realize that she didn’t want to do that job any longer.
Now I know what you’re all thinking as I was thinking the same thing – you can’t imagine Maggie painting weird people and they’re peculiar family, but fear no more. She informed us that although she did paint portraits of peculiar people, her main job as a portrait artist was painting cats faces onto classic paintings such as Mona Lisa and The Girl With The Pearl Earring. I can just imagine them now.
In addition to this, she also told us where her least favourite place to write was on a plane. She explained that she was always paranoid that someone from the set next to or behind her was reading her work and that just weirded her out a little, so always tries to avoid writing on planes and if she does, she only does really late at night when she assumes everyone is sleeping.

I’m pretty sure everyone and their uncle knows who John Green is (author of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns) and so does Maggie. In fact she seems to be pretty good friends with him and told us the story of a time she may or may not have set him on fire (I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of him being on fire, but do you know the whole story?). Believe it or not, but both Maggie and John are quite fond of racing… each other. John challenged Maggie that she couldn’t beat him in her car (which she seemed to think quite highly of) so, of course, like any normal human being would, she wanted to prove him wrong and traveled 15 hours across America from Virginia to race him. However, much to her amazement when she got there she was greeted by a John Green in race car gear and a full blown race car, because he is John Green and he can get them kind of things handed to him.
Now to the part you’ve all been waiting for – the part where John Green gets caught up in flames. Well, being in a pretty swanky race car and obviously not having been in one before, John didn’t really know what he was doing, so when it came to the actual race, Maggie thought she was doing stupendous as she was whooping John’s backside and winning but this is only because John had his foot on both the acceleration and the brake at the same time, causing the car to heat up tremendously and ultimately set itself and its inhabitant on fire. To cut it short, it resulted in John being pulled from the car through the window in flames, having to be put out and then him wanting to do it all over again. Who would have guessed that?

The Q&A
There wasn’t much time to ask a considerable amount of questions with the event on a tight schedule and there loads of books to be signed but here are a few details I can remember from it.

The Scorpian Races
If you don’t know, ‘The Scorpio Races’ is a stand alone book by Maggie based on mythology of water horses, I myself haven’t read this book so don’t know much about it so I will link the goodreads page down below. However, it seems to be a very popular book, popular enough that Maggie revealed that there may or may not be a movie coming out about it. She said that there has been a script written which she approves of and there may already be a director/producer for it, so keep your ears open for that!

A Shiver Movie?
Shiver is a trilogy, obviously also written by Maggie and is a New York Times No1 Bestselling Novel. Somebody also asked if there was ever going to be a movie/tv show based on this series also, however, much to their disappointment, it  was revealed that it was on the cards to release a film based on this series but Maggie hated the script and basically everything about it and the production team wouldn’t change it so they just shut down the whole project. So I’m sorry to announce, but as of now there isn’t going to be a Shiver film.

Where did the names from The Raven Cycle come from?
I am always interested as to where authors get the inspiration for names from and Maggie got hers from those around her. She revealed that most of the names of characters in her books are those of friends and family which she mixes up to make them different, for example Noah Czerny has the last name of one of her closest friends. Just in case you’d like to know also.

Are you going to miss The Raven Cycle?
This was the last and most emotional question in my opinion. No one likes to witness the end of a series but sometimes it just has to be done no matter how much we don’t want it to and this included Maggie. She admitted to becoming a little emotional when writing The Raven King, and although she didn’t want it to come to an end she also did, as although she does love the world which she created and all of her brilliant characters when it ended, in addition to feeling somewhat sad she was also relieved and excited that she now has the opportunity to begin a new series and create an all new wonderful worlds and equally brilliant characters.

Then came the book signing. It was a free for all when lining up to get it signed, people were pushing, shoving, there was nails out and hair being pulled it was chaos (totally kidding, everyone was very civil and nice). Being the socially awkward person I am, when it came to my turn to get my book signed I literally said nothing. My mind went completely blank and could not think of a single thing to say like a complete idiot. However, Maggie was super nice about me being an utter weirdo and started up a conversation and we had a pretty nice chat about The Raven Cycle and then I wished her good luck with her future projects (not that she’d need it because she is fabulous) then I was on my way, beaming as I walked out of the door clutching my newly signed books like the nerd that I am.

So there we have it, a really long and waffly post about meeting Maggie Stiefvater. What an incredible woman she is and absolutely hilarious also, i’m not even exaggerating that woman can make a crown laugh, even my mum said she should become a stand up comedian if she ever wanted a career change.
Apologies if this post is super mega long but it needed to be done as so much happened and I just needed to cram it all in.
So much more was said and happened, but I was a little overwhelmed but the who thing and can’t really remember great amounts of it so sorry about that.
However, I hope that you have enjoyed the post and happy reading!


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