Film Review – Deadpool

A Quick Overview:
Wade Wilson was your average guy, getting paid to scare the bad and weird guys of the world. A former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. He meets a girl, they fall in love and then something bad happens and his world falls apart. In addition to this he then gets tortured, disfigured and mutated by loving looking English scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) who ultimately turns him into Deadpool. This experiment leaves him with accelerated healing powers, a twisted sense of humor and skin that looks like melted butter. With the help of his two X-Men friends Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), he uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life and threatened his lady. 

Ever since this movie got announced quite a while back, the hype for it has grown and grown at an enormous rate. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) has done heaps of advertising for this movie and made people for in love with him and his character before they even knew anything about it. With the film being made by Marvel it was bound to be quite a big success and their approach to it was great. Throughout, the 4th wall was broken which added to the overall comedy of the film and is unlike many other films around at the moment with that hardly ever being done by big film companies, despite it (in this case at least) working to their advantage and gave the film an overall laid-back, friendly feel in which we could connect with Deadpool himself, juxtaposing with the constant violence.

It’s safe to say that this movie is not one for the kids. The use of strong language, sexual scenes and the constant beating up of bad guys kind of says it all really. However, despite these very manly aspects of the movie, it is based around a love story. Before you start thinking of soppy love songs and roses, this is unlike any love story previously. Yes there is love and a guy and a girl who fall in love, but there is certainly no roses and the only thing close to a love song is ‘Careless Whisper’ which really adds to the humor of the film. Come on, it’s Wham.

Some people were a little apprehensive when  it was announced that Ryan Reynolds was to play the main character Wade Wilson aka Deadpool with him already being in the superhero movie the Green Lantern and if I’m honest it wasn’t all that great. I personally have always been a fan of Ryan Reynold’s movies and his acting and believe him to have great comedic value, he just does it perfectly and he pulled Deadpool off by doing just that, being comedic. Although the script itself was funny, it was Reynolds that gave it that little something extra with his great comedic timing and all-around funny personality that really shone throughout.
For all you X-Men fans, you will be pleased to know that there was some involvement with Xavier’s school and it looks like we might be seeing more of Deadpool with the X-Men in the future. Finger’s crossed!

So, if you are a fan of a love story, an action movie, a non hero superhero or just fancy a good laugh, then this film is the one for you. There is no faults to this movie for me and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and hope we get to see more of Deadpool in future Marvel films as he truly is one incredible guy. And for all you men out there who are thinking ‘Where’s the hot girl’ don’t worry there is one in the form of  Morena Baccarin (most famously known for her role in Homeland and Gotham)


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