Someone Special Sunday and Life Updat

Hello there!
Just a disclaimer, I have recently started university which is the reasoning for my recent absence and lack of posts. I’m studying English and Film which, despite not really knowing what’s going on half the time, I am actually somewhat enjoying.
The reason for me giving this small life update is that because I’m studying English, the majority of my reading time is being spent reading the books I need for my course. Therefore I’m unable to post my usual reviews as I’m not reading anything apart from Charles Dickens and Daniel Defoe and I’m sure everyone has read them.
However, just because I’m unable to read new books that doesn’t stop me buying them! Over the past weeks I have accumulated quite a lot of books, meaning that there will be big book haul coming your way very soon.

Now, away from the life update which I’m sure no one is interested in, and to this seemingly unusual and new post. I’ve seen many posts dedicated the specific days of the week regarding series, and upcoming books etc, so I thought I’d create my own kind of post dedicated to the days of Saturday/Sunday. ‘Someone special ….’ is a post solely dedicated to giving your most loved characters the much needed attention they need! May not work but I’m looking forward to it as it gives me the opportunity to praise dearly loved characters in my life. So here is my first someone special, I hope you enjoy.

Dorian Havilliard – Throne of Glass Series (Sarah J. Maas)

If you’re apart of the book community of the internet then I’m certain you must have read Sarah J. Maas’ ‘Throne of Glass’ series. If not and you’re a fan of fantasy, fae and excellent characters, then I suggest you add this series to your TBR.
There are many characters in this series that I will most likely dedicate this post to in the future such as Manon Blackbeak and Lysandra, but for now Dorian is my number one guy. From the beginning of this series, I have always had such a soft spot for Dorian that continued to grow at an alarming rate as the series progressed, and even when waiting what seems like a millennium for the next installment, he forever holds that special place in my heart. It must be his extravagant good looks and his ever charming personality, in addition to his loyalty to his friends and doing the right thing despite the repercussions that just makes me fall in love with him that little bit more after every sentence; this character needs to be protected by everyone forever. If anything ever happens to him I will not be held responsible for my actions.He truly is an amazing character and I am eternally grateful to Sarah for creating such an angelic character.


Image by: Coralie Jubénot –


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