So I’m Having a Few Problems

This is not usually what I post on my blog, but seeing as though I’m wanting to get more serious with blogging (and Instagram) in the new year, I thought it would be fitting if I give some information on the run down of my life currently and where I’m at in terms of posting. I know there aren’t many people who look at my posts, if not any, but for those of you who do take the time to read my rambly and sometimes over enthusiastic posts about books and all the things I love, I would just like to say sorry and thank you. You are the best!

I would first off like to apologise (once again) for my lack of anything on my blog for quite a while. If you didn’t know I’ve started university this year and I currently can not handle my course or the workload. In addition to that (may be a little TMI) but I’ve been having a few mental problems (if that is even the right term, I don’t know please don’t hate me for it)- don’t worry I’m not going to be in an asylum anytime soon, I’ve just not been feeling myself – so the motivation and ability to do anything has been wiped away to another corner of my mind which I’m finding difficult to access. I barely go to university, which may be one of the contributing factors as to why I’m struggling, and all I seem to do is sleep and annoy my dog with my constant hugs and kisses – I know she secretly loves all the attention I give her – so finding the motivation to write down my thoughts and feelings on books, films and tv programmes that I barely have time for, when all I’m feeling is tired, sullen and a little bit lost is going to be a little difficult so I just didn’t bother.
I’m not sure if it’s the cold, wet weather or the fact I’m struggling in my studies or anything else but there we have it. I don’t want anything from this post apart from an understanding as to daily struggles of being a human being and how everybody and anybody can feel ‘off’ every now and again.

So again I would just like to say, sorry, thank you and I’m trying my best.
I’m not sure if anyone actually cares but you know, just going to throw all this stuff out there, it’s not like you know where I live (at least I hope not).
Anyhow, I hope all you lovely people are feeling mighty fine and are getting into the holiday spirit, there’s nothing like days of eating sugar and carbs to your heart’s content to put a smile on your face and a few pounds on your waist.

Ho ho ho,


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