Friday Favourites: Bookish Candles

Hello, I hope you’re all doing fantastically well!
This is a new weekly thing that I’m going to be trying out where every Friday I’ll be posting a few of my favourite things, whether that be books, series, bookish items or just general things (but who are we kidding, it’s 90% going to be all about books!).
This week I will be showing you some of my favourite candle companies that create candles based on books, centring their scents are characters, places and things from books.

Meraki Candles

Meraki Candles is a company based in Scotland which make the most beautiful smelling candles, specifically focusing on bookish scents. In addition to selling individual candles, they also do 2 monthly subscription boxes – one for book lovers, and one for those who are fans of Anime – in which you receive 4 tin candles and 3 items which pertain to the theme of the month. I have recently purchased my first candle subscription box and am super eager to receive at it is perfect for me – Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. I have a couple of candles from Meraki and they are just beautiful, the scents are always spot on and they burn really well! I am very excited to keep building my collection and hopefully create an empire of Meraki Candles.  (Made in Scotland and ship worldwide).


Geeky Clean

If you’ve seen my Fairyloot unboxings then you will know how much of a fan I am on any Geeky Clean product. I don’t know what is it, but everything I have ever received from this company feels like heaven for my nose, because everything just smells absolutely incredible. Especially the candles! They smell exactly like it says on the tin and I could literally sit there all day and sniff it as their scents are heavenly! I am yet to burn a candle as I’m too scared to ruin its perfectness or for it to go so I can’t judge how well it burns, but I can imagine there will be no problems as this company make some pretty good quality items! They’re also vegan and cruelty-free which makes them even more spectacular. (Based in the UK and ship worldwide).



FlickTheWick is the beacon for fandom and YA bookish candles, they have it all – from Gilmore Girls to ACOWAR to Harry Potter – and each one looks like an absolute dream! In addition to the candles looking amazing, so do the labels. Every time a see someone posting a picture on Instagram with one of these candles I get extreme envy and want to buy them all! The saddening part is that as they’re based in the US, shipping costs an absolute fortune so I am never able to actually get one myself, but what I’ve heard from other people they smell incredible and if you live in the US or are able to pay shipping prices then I would 100% recommend you do as you’re seriously missing out! (Based in the US, unsure of shipping)


Flickerink candles are fairytale and book inspired. Besides books, fairy tales are another great love of mine and I adore the creative and cute names particular candles have, such as – ‘Pumpkin Carriage’, ‘Un-Birthday’, and ‘Drury Lane’ – each one gives me such nostalgia from my childhood and transports me back to when I used to be curled up in bed with my head buried in my collection of fairytales. They’re a really good size so you can daydream about pies and rabbit holes for hours on end and the scents are both delicious and refreshing so you’re guaranteed to not get bored! (The UK based and ship worldwide).

There are many, many more bookish candles companies that I love and could rave about all day but these are some of my favourites and I hope they’ll soon become yours also! If candles are your thing and you live in the UK then I would highly recommend checking out these companies as each one of them are lovely and their products great!

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day,

*pictures are taken from my Instagram (abooktasia) if you want to check it 🙂


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