Friday Favourites: Bookish Subscription Boxes

Hello and welcome to another ‘Friday Favourites’ where I tell you a couple of my favourite things! This week I will be telling you about my favourite bookish subscription boxes – if you haven’t got a clue what I am talking about then, please, let me explain. Bookish subscription boxes are boxes where every month you get a box full of book related items and a book pertaining to a theme – I’ve posted several Fairyloot unboxings and an Illumicrate unboxing on this blog, so go check them out if you want further insight into what they’re about.
I am a huge fan of bookish subscription boxes, as each month when they arrive it just feels like Christmas and you get the coolest items in them and is every bookworms dream! If I had all the money (which unfortunately I do not) I would subscribe to every single subscription box out there, but seeing as I don’t I can not, therefore I am currently only subscribed to Fairyloot. However, I am including other boxes which I’ve seen unboxings for and wish I could afford.

So, less rambling and more boxes!


As you probably already know, I am quite the fan of Fairyloot. I’ve been subscribed to them since November 2016 and they have never let me down with the quality and variety of the items they include in their boxes. They always include 4-6 really good quality and totally adorable items in their boxes that are useless, look brilliant on your shelves and from independent companies. You also receive a YA fantasy book, signed bookplate, letter from the author and many more little goodies in addition to the wonderful items included. Anissa and Michael (the owners) are the loveliest couple, which makes their company so much more better as you can’t beat nice people can you? If you’d like to see what they have to offer, check out my Fairyloot unboxings that I have posted in the ‘Book Stuff’ tab, so you can see just how good they are!
Situated: London, England
Price: £26 (not including VAT and shipping)
Shipping: Worldwide – prices vary

Once Upon a Book Club

This box has got to be the most original and exciting box of them all. Unlike your generic bookish box where you get a bunch of items and a book, this box is a little bit different. They wrap up the items individually in beautiful wrapping paper with page numbers on top, and is not meant to be opened until you reach that particular page. I absolutely love this idea and make the experience of reading the book and opening the items ever more exciting! The box itself includes 3-5 gifts, a YA book ranging from fantasy to contemporary, a quote print and discussion questions and read along dates. It’s totally original, and from what I have seen from other people’s unboxings, the items are always of great quality and utterly adorable. If you’re also interested they do an adult book box, just in case YA isn’t your thing or you fancy something a little different.
Situated: United States
Price: $34.99 (£26.99)
Shipping: Worldwide – prices may vary

LitJoy Crate

There’s nothing really that unique about this box, but I always love the stuff that comes in the boxes and I’m always totally envious when someone unboxes this box, so I thought it’d be worth mentioning. One of things that I like about this box is the variety it offers as you can choose to purchase a ‘Picture Book Crate’ (ages 3-7), Middle Grade Crate (ages 8-13) or a YA book crate (13+), so there is literally something for everyone, and I think it’s great that if offers something for the younger generation who are just discovering reading, as any child would adore this box and it gets them more into reading and I love it. It says the box contains at least one book (you can get more!!) and 3-4 bookish items (I’ve seen one of the boxes containing a watch – how cool is that!) Everything is so sweet and if I could afford this box and the shipping, I would totally buy it because it is amazing! A month of so back they did a magical edition box dedicated to ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ which was utter perfection, I actually hurt inside when I saw other people opening it and I wasn’t! Next they are doing a magical edition box dedicated to ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ which contains 12 items – you do not want to miss that – I know I don’t!
Situated: United States
Price: $29.99+ (£23.14)
Shipping: select countries. Prices may vary

Geek at Heart Box

The thing I like about this box is that it isn’t solely based to books, but general ‘geeky’ stuff, such as movies, marvel and television programmes which is just fantastic as I love all of these things and you get a lot of variety. In addition, unlike the previous boxes, this box gives you the opportunity to get a t-shirt with your box also, which is just fantastic because who doesn’t love t-shirts with your favourite movie/tv/book quote on them?? I know I do. In addition to the t-shirt (if you choose that option), you also receive 5-7 quality items that relate to 2-3 fandoms in a specific genre; there is no book but you still get a tonne of stuff and it is all amazing! They also state that all bath bombs, candles and other beauty products are natural! I love this box – it is every nerds dream in my opinion.
Situated: United States
Price: with t-shirt $29.95 (£23.11), without t-shirt $19.95 (£15.39)
Shipping: selected countries. Prices may vary


Besides Fairyloot, this is the only the only other subscription box that I have tried myself and it was brilliant. Unlike the others, this box is quarterly meaning you get the box every quarter opposed to every month. The thing as well is that it offers free shipping, so no matter where you are in the world your shipping is completely free. Got to love free shipping. My experience of receiving an Illumicrate box was a very positive one, I got 2 books – one of which was an arc – and a bunch of really useful, cool stuff that I was utterly thrilled about. If you want further insight I have posted an unboxing here, so check that out so you can get a full look of what was included.
Each quarter you receive a newly released book and a bunch of bookish items – stationary, jewelry, bookmarks etc – working with independent suppliers, publishers and authors. I personally, adored my box and everything that was inside, it had great variety and every item was of good, decent quality. I would 100% recommend.
Situated: United Kingdom
Price: £29.99
Shipping: Free worldwide

So there we have it, some of my favourite bookish subscription boxes. Of course there are tonnes more that I could have picked, but seem to stand out the most for me for different reasons. If you don’t want to have a look at what other bookish subscription boxes there are in the great wide world, then I suggest you visit Cratejoy, which is a website dedicated to all types of subscription boxes ranging from books to beauty to pets – there’s something for everyone. I understand that these boxes can be a little bit expensive, but they’re good for maybe a one off if you’re having a bad month or something as they really do cheer you up – and that’s coming from someone who isn’t always in the best mood mentally.

So that’s it for today, I hoped you enjoyed getting a glimpse at all these amazing companies and let me know if you end up subscribing to one or if you can recommend any others that I have not mentioned.
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day,


6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: Bookish Subscription Boxes

    1. I’m so glad you’re joining the crew! I’d definitely recommend they are so consistent and have never let me down before. Make sure to let me know what you think of your first box

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  1. I love Fairyloot as well! I’ve only received 2 boxes from them but they have been absolutely beautiful. I really think it’s the best bookish box out there. 🙂

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