Favourite Sitcoms

In addition to books, televiesion programmes are also things that I love dearly and can spend countless hours binge-watching. One of my favourite things to watch is sitcoms – a ‘situation comedy’, is a genre of comedy, centered on a fixed set of characters who carry over from episode to episode – with comedy being my favourite genre,  and a want/need to be a regular in a sitcom (if you are/know any tv producers please hit me up). They’re just highly enjoyable, extremely feel-good and are just a complete pleasure to watch. So, I thought I’d share with you some of my all-time favourite sitcoms and hopefully encourage you to binge-watch and become obsessed just like me.

New Girl

New Girl has got to be my most loved sitcom of all time. It centers around charming and adorkable teacher Jess (Zooey Deschanel), her 3 roomates which she shares an LA apartment loft with – Nick, Schmidt and Winston (and come-and-go Coach), and her best friend Cece. I’ve been watching this series for many years (6 to be exact) and I still love each and every one of these characters with the majority of my heart. I don’t usually like every single character in a programme, as there is usually always that one character that tends to be a bit annoying, but I honestly love each and every one of them. If I had to choose a favourite, I’d have to choose between Winston (1st in poster) and Schmidt (4th in poster), as they are both completely hilarious in their own individual ways, with their characters being perfectly written and portayed. I personally could not create two more perfect characters.
However, much to my dismay, we only 8 episodes left in the series because Fox decided to ruin my life and cancel it *insert ugly crying face*

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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I actually only started watching this about a week ago, but I am OBSESSED! I’ve watched the first 3 seasons and am currently waiting for the 4th to come out on DVD so I can buy and binge-watch that before the 5th season starts on 25th September. But just like New Girl I adore ever single character, like wayyyy too much and basically everything else about it. Everything is just perfect. The series revolves around Jake (right in the middle), an immature but very talented NYPD detective in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct – hence the title. We also have his captain (5th along) and all of his fellow detectives who are equally as hilarious and have their own individual personality that makes you want to wrap them up in bubble wrap and protect them from the world, as well as wanting them to go kick crimes butt. I’d give more a description for each character, but I’ll let you learn to love them yourselves. Of course, it is just about the detectives but there is also crime to be solved of course, so what more could you want a tv programme?


Of course, the most beloved and well-known sitcom of all time – Friends. I don’ think i’ve met anyone who hasn’t loved Friends, and honestly I can not blame them. It literally has it all – New York setting, quirky characters, monkeys and Chandler Bing – I mean it could do with more diversity, but this was in the 90s and I like to think that tv has changed considerably since then. It’s hilarious, teaches you some vital life lessons and the cast are just brilliant. I don’t know what to say about Friends that most people don’t already know about it and I assume that everyone has watched at least an episode in their lives – they’ve had to have done. But, I could honestly rewatch and rewatch this over and over and not get the least bit bored of it.

How I Met Your Mother

Again, another super popular show that has now sadly ended. But I do still love this show considerably with its beautiful setting (I have a thing for New York), interesting characters that are all completely different to each other but still work as a collective perfectly and how you can’t but not continue watching it as you need to find out how Ted met the mother. Of course if you have watched the series then you, just like me, was mostly let down by that terrible ending that was rushed and just plain stupid, but up until that I honestly loved it. Just like Friends and New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I cherish each character (maybe not Robin she was annoying pretty much all the time) and could happily rewatch it over and over again.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

You may be starting to see a trend here of all my favourite sitcoms being based in New York, but I just love New York and its makes the perfect setting for a tv show, i’m sorry I just can’t help it. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix original series that follows 29 year old Kimmy as she adjusts to life in the big city after spending 15 years underground when a mad preacher kidnapped and convinced her and 3 other women that the world was/has ended. She quickly makes friends in form of streetwise Lillian and struggling actor Titus her roommate, in addition to getting a job as a nanny for socialite Jacqueline. The show itself is just ridiculous and hilarious, some of the things that happen in some episodes are completely stupid but my goodness are they funny. Definitely laugh out loud funny just like the other programmes mentioned above, with each character bringing diversity and their own pazzaz as they come on the screen.

So there we have it, my favourite sitcoms. If there are any that I haven’t mentioned that you love, then please let me know as I’m always on the look out for a new programme to watch as you can’t have too many. Additionally let me know if you’ve watched any of these and what you thought of them or if you’re going to in the future. I find it very interesting and we can fangirl over our favourite shows!

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