August Fairyloot Unboxing

Well, would you look at this – another unboxing! Who saw that one coming? This week I shall be unboxing for you the August ‘Otherworlds’ box from Fairyloot. It revolved around all of the magical lands which each and every one of us craves to travel too, including: Westeros, The Night Court, Neverland and Middle Earth – so is literally perfect for everyone, including myself. I was very much excited about this one, as worlds are always my favourite part of reading a book and I love being transported somewhere completely new just by reading words on a page.
Now, onto the unboxing!


Photography skills aren’t very good, apologies. But look at all the exciting stuffs!!!


The beautiful spoiler card. I absolutely adore this art work and am 100% putting it on my wall. It is designed by the ever-so-talented Taratjah, to whom I love all of the work she does, because she is an angel.


First up we have these bloody adorable Paperly and Co magnetic bookmarks of Aragorn and Arwen from The Lord of the Rings, which I am going to cherish with all of my heart. They also sent out, Frodo and Samwise and Legolas and Thranduil – I personally am very happy with which I received.


Now, would you look at that – it’s a blooming sleeping mask! It’s made from satin and I personally think it goes perfectly well with the oven glove we got last month in the Tricksters box. I don’t actually own an eye mask, so this will very much come in handy.

Here we have a beautiful exclusive Neverland notebook designed by the amazing TJ Lubrano. I always see TJ’s designs on Twitter and fall totally in love with them – which I also did with this one as Peter Pan is one of my favourite Disney movies. I adore the colours and the artwork and especially the added quote and map on the inside of the cover. I probably won’t write in it as I don’t want to ruin its perfection, so it is now currently proudly displayed on my bookshelf.


This thing didn’t half make me chuckle. It’s a tea strainer in the shape of a sword and it is bloody fantastic! I’m not a fan of tea which you all know, but I’m pretty sure my dad will be using this and feeling like a knight in shining IMG_1445

Is this not the most beautiful print you have ever seen ever!? Because I know it is. I love anything winter and trees and northern lights and I’m pretty sure this was designed for me – just putting it out there. It was actually designed by Melissa Nettleship, whom I’ve never come across before but sure will be searching on Instagram because I need more of her prints!


Here we have an exclusive Witchsoul candle from Book and Nook which are themed around the book of the month. There were several sent out, all named after characters in book, with Fairyloot working with the author in order to come up with the scents. Much like many products, I haven’t received anything from this company before, but I am very much liking their candle. I’m a very big fan of the scent as it’s so sweet and fresh and am not going to lie when I say the glitter got me a tad too over excited.


Literally the most lovely necklace I have ever owned.  It is created by Oh Panda Eyes, by whom we’ve received an item before, and is a Velaris pendant necklace from A Court of Mist and Fury. Even though I’ve somewhat fell out of love with the ACOTAR series, I still do very much love Velaris and of course this necklace. I even wore it to my 21st birthday party!


Additionally, there were also two samplers – one for Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff (which actually opens out as a poster) and Blackwing by Ed McDonald.


And a discount code for Mini Backdrops – perfect for them bookstagram photos.


Of course, we also have this months Fairyscoop, buddy reading code – mine is #121681 – and the bookmark which was supposed to match the spoiler card, but they sent me the one from last month oops. Do not fear for my bookmark needs though as I have contacted them and the correct one is on its way.


This months book is Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic – one which I’ve seen hanging about Twitter and Instagram but don’t really know much about. I do know, however that it has a stunning cover and that it also comes with a letter from the author and a signed bookplate, as always.
I’ve only read the blurb, but I am very much intrigued by it I can tell you that. I can imagine it’s going to have to beautiful imagery and be very lyrically written.

Goodreads Summary

All the women in Iris and Malina’s family have the unique magical ability or “gleam” to manipulate beauty. Iris sees flowers as fractals and turns her kaleidoscope visions into glasswork, while Malina interprets moods as music. But their mother has strict rules to keep their gifts a secret, even in their secluded sea-side town. Iris and Malina are not allowed to share their magic with anyone, and above all, they are forbidden from falling in love.

But when their mother is mysteriously attacked, the sisters will have to unearth the truth behind the quiet lives their mother has built for them. They will discover a wicked curse that haunts their family line—but will they find that the very magic that bonds them together is destined to tear them apart forever?

So there we have it once again, another Fairyloot unboxing. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with doing them as I find writing about what I’ve got in my box each month is just like opening it up for the first time again and it is fantastic!
The theme for September, which is almost nearly here, is All That Sass and is focused around all of our favourite sassy characters.

Here is a what we know so far: 

  • for fans of Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices), Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments), Celaena Sardothian (Throne of Glass) , Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson, obviously) and Nikolai Lantsov (the Grisha Trilogy), in addition to many more sassy characters;
  • one supplier is In The Wick of Time, who have created a tin candle exclusively for this box;
  • another supplier is Drop and Give Me Nerdy – creator and artist of Nerdy Post (another subscription box, very cool you should check it out), who has created a usable exclusive item;
  • the book featured is said to be ‘full of sassy characters, adventure, evil witches, ghosts, high stakes and some fantastic plot twists’. It will come with a signed bookplate and letter from the author;
  • the book is also a Fairyloot exclusive edition with exclusive foiling on the title of the cover;

I’m not the biggest fan of all the fandoms mentioned, but if I know Fairyloot, I know they will have put together a wonderful box no matter what fandoms it is based around.
Have you ordered September’s All That Sass box?

Hope you enjoyed yet another unboxing,


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