On December 15th, 2017, I fulfilled my lifelong dream and visited the wonderful city which is New York. I went with my parents for 3 days (definitely not long enough) and it was honestly one of the most amazing and magical experiences of my life! As long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit New York City, growing up on American movies and tv programmes such as Friends, Elf, Home Alone, 27 Dresses and so many more wonderful things, I have always longed to walk the streets of New York.
Of course, being the Christmas advocate I am, it was only natural that I visit it during the month of December. Yes it was freezing cold and the majority of the time I couldn’t feel my toes or my face, but I’d do it all over again 100 times!

The trip started off as if I was in a fairytale – throughout the build-up to going, I was praying and hoping that it’d be snowing, as I always see pictures of New York in the snow and it just fills me with such much joy and satisfaction. Luckily for me, as we landed it had just started heavily snowing (if that’s a sign I don’t know what is), so obviously I was absolutely thrilled. Driving the hotel in our little shuttle bus, listening to Christmas songs as we get stuck in traffic and the snow floats down on to the windscreen, I can honestly say that it was the first time in many years that I had felt contently happy within myself. I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather be than right there in that moment (unless my dog was with me, then it would’ve 100% been total perfection). The past few months I had been struggling a lot in terms of my mental health and my anxiety, so to feel that genuinely happy was such an amazing feeling!
I’m not going to keep writing about my trip as I would literally fill up a whole books worth as it was that amazing. Instead, I’m just going to show you some of the wonderful (if I do say so myself) pictures that I took whilst I was there. Spoiler: 99% of them was of my parents and landscapes. I hope you enjoy.IMG_2108

Central Park in all its glory
This is the fountain that Santa hits in Elf when his engine is failing. Just in case you wanted to know.


Bow Bridge


This picture of my parents is my most beloved picture I took during the trip


I had to get a picture of this, as it very much reminded me of Mr Tumnus in Narnia


He threw a snowball in my face, at my glasses.
The aftermath of a very intense snowball fight me and my dad had. Of we had to have a snowball in Central Park – would’ve been rude not to.
Flat Iron building. My dad was very excited about this.
Forbidden Planet, where I bought an excessive amount of Funko Pops.
This lovely little coffee shop was just across the street from The Strand Bookstore. I got a hot chocolate (it was delicious) and my dad got a coffee (yes, he said it was the best coffee he has ever had), whilst we waited for The Strand bookstore to open.
The Strand bookstore! I obviously had to visit her, being a bookworm and all, and let me tell you now – it defied all of my expectations. It was beautiful and every book lovers dreams! There were books for miles (18 of them to be exact) with lovely wooden floors and little quirky things spotted here and there. I didn’t get any pictures of the inside as it got busy very quickly and I was way too preoccupied with looking at all of the wonderful books!


Inside the coffee shop. Literally the most adorable little place I have ever been to.


If you look to the left of this picture, you can see the infamous NYE ball. I didn’t even notice it was there until I got back to the hotel and was looking through the pictures. Bit silly that wasn’t it?
Times Square in all of its wonderfulness.

And there we have it! My pictures from the most amazing trip ever to The Big Apple. I wish that I had taken many more pictures, but as you can probably tell, it was extremely busy and if I’m honest, I was just completely in awe the whole entire time I was there. I was constantly hitting my mum and dad on the arm as a way of expressing my excitement.
Of course, I bought a lot of things whilst I was there – mostly Funko Pops and NYPD stuff – a lot of it I didn’t particularly need, but I do not regret it one bit as they’re all fantastic things and now I have many, many reminders of such an amazing trip!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year (I’m sitting in with my dog as usual) and that 2018 brings you all lots of fantastic reads, happiness and fulfilment. I personally am beginning my new year in Morrocco (I leave on the 4th), so despite having many, many university assignments to do, at least I’ll a nice relax on the beach as I battle this illness I have recently developed.

I shall be seeing you all soon, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! z



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