Abooktasia Box April Theme: ‘Hidden in the Trees’


It is that time of the month where the abooktasia boxes go on sale! Hoorah! Unlike the February box, this box has a theme and that theme is ‘Hidden in the Trees’! It is loosely based on the book of the month and will have items pertaining to this theme.
One item we have revealed so far is that this box will contain a TOTE BAG that fits perfectly with the theme and is extremely adorable. This box is perfect for those who love a sense of mystery and all things green and leafy!

As always, you will also receive a newly released book in addition to other wonderful items. As this is our first theme, we aim to include items that pertain to this theme – so if you like nature, then this box is for you!

Boxes are currently available to purchase on my Etsy shop now but please note that they will not be shipped until around April 20th. Also be aware that we still have the February box available for sale over on the shop so please be sure to click the right box!
Here is a link to my Etsy page if you are interested in purchasing or require some more information.


april box theme painted (3)


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