Megge of Bury Down Blog Tour

Author: Rebecca Kightlinger
Series: The Bury Down Chronicles #1
Published: January 27th, 2018
Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary 


When six-year-old Megge first touches the ancient Book of Shadows, a mysterious voice accuses her of an ugly crime. Although the book is her legacy, she refuses to touch it again. If she does, she is certain she will be the death of those she loves.

But seven years later, events conspire to force her to once again to accept her responsibility. If she refuses to take up the task, who will ensure the Book’s ancient wisdom survives, safe from the hands of those who would use it for evil?

The Review 

First off, although this book wasn’t perfect, for me, it was still very much an enjoyable read. From the beginning, I was immersed in the storyline, the characters and the setting all of which left me wanting more. From the first couple of pages, you are thrust into a world of unanswered questions and a desire to know more which was fantastic to read as it was exciting to find out whether or not you’re going to get answers.
Some parts, particularly around the last 20% of the book seemed somewhat rushed to me as we seemed to be bombarded with answers and revelations all at once, which in itself is a very exciting thing but it did seem like a lot to take in and I feel like all the information we were given could have maybe been spread out just a little bit more. Additionally, there were certain aspects of the book that just didn’t make sense to me – something major would happen (no spoilers) out of the blue and the characters would react in a way that you would not expect them too. Sometimes I felt that certain ‘big’ events weren’t given enough time in terms of the event happening and the time given for the characters to react to it.

Although this book does have its obvious flaws, one thing I did like is the setting and the characters. It is set in an old town, where everybody knows who everyone is and there’s a market every week where villagers can sell their things and I just think it’s the sweetest thing ever. The main characters consist of a full-female family who is never described as witches but it can be assumed that they are. The slight magical element we get from these characters really gives the book a little something more and I love how the magical elements are thrown in your face, it is very subtle, but still, you are very much aware of it.
Just like every book it has its good and its bad character – however, this also relates to how they were written also. The main characters such as Megge the protagonist, her mother, her aunts and her cousin were written very well with brilliant personalities with traits that defied every other villager – despite what everyone else said or events that got in their way, they always stuck together through it all and never acted in a way that anyone else expected them too – they always did what they wanted to do. However, there are other characters that weren’t written as well or as nicely – throughout you get the impression of someone being a certain way and then suddenly their character just changes completely to fit the storyline and for me, it didn’t fit well at all and I would’ve preferred them to be the flawed and imperfect character that they have been portrayed to be through the first part of the book.

Due to these reasons, it made me feel somewhat negatively towards the book as I was nearing the end despite previously really enjoying it when I first began reading it. The majority of the book is a very good read, with strong female characters and a plot that leaves you wanting more, but personally, I think the ending somewhat ruined it for me.
Although this book was by far the greatest thing I have ever read, I did overall have a very enjoyable time reading it and will most likely carry on with the series as I am wholly invested in the characters and the setting now!

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