March Memories

A selection of pictures and memories that made up my March. I am going to try and do this every month as a sort of therapy for myself as an attempt to try and make me appreciate the small things in life and remember the happier times in the dark days. I hope you all enjoy.

I made and revealed the first theme of my box

In case you haven’t already seen, I have started my own bookish box and in the month of March, I announced my first theme (for the April box, on sale now). This was very exciting for me as I loved creating the theme, the theme is and finding wonderful items to put in this months box. The creating of the theme also concreted the fact that I have my own subscription box for books and all things that I love and for me that is just very exciting! The theme was ‘Hidden in the Trees’ with the box being perfect for fans of animals and nature, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. If you’re interested you can buy the box here.

april box theme painted (3)

It was my best friends 21st birthday 

Having my friends birthday being a memorable moment for myself may not seem all too exciting BUT she is the most wonderful person I know and the fact she made it to 21 with having put up with me for 17 and all the shit she’s been through still in one piece makes me very proud! Love you Shubba! We also had a wonderful day out for her birthday where we drank our weight in gin and copious amounts of chips and cake. Honestly what more could you want? Here is a picture of us, not from her birthday as we forgot to get some – we are rubbish millennials.


A trip to the woods with my dad and my dog, Tia

I am very fond of the woods and this was a wonderful morning out. I was struggling quite a lot in March but my mental health and it was nice for a couple of hours to just be immersed in nature and have the sun beating down on my face and the songs of the wild filling my ears. It was always a joy to see Tia so happy and free. She had an amazing time, running through the trees, going in the lake and even making a new friend! I will be sure to go back soon. Here are some pictures so you can see how lovely it was.



‘New Girl’ funkos were announced. 

Besides books, my dog and movies I also really love funko pops.
Above all else, ‘New Girl’ is my all-time favourite television show.
Much to my dismay, it was announced last year that sadly, New Girl would be ending after its short last 7 episode series. I was traumatised by this news as the prospect of having no Schmidt and Winston in my life no more, was unthinkable.
When I saw that Funko had announced they were bringing out New Girl pops, I had never been happier in my life (maybe I had but you get the gist). This means that although my favourites characters are sadly leaving the land of television, I will still be able to have them on my shelves to look at whenever I miss them.
(Side note: I am aware of how dramatic this is.)
(Side note 2.0: if you watch New Girl, what do you think of the ‘Winston’ Funko that looks a lot like ‘Coach’?)

Image result for new girl funko pop


The month of theatre

Above all else, March was the best as I went to see both Wicked and Hairspray! I enjoyed both shows immensely and would happily and gladly go and see them both again. I wasn’t really a fan of Wicked before I went to see it, having no solid idea about the plot and only knowing one song, but oh my was it amazing! My parents gave them to my previously mentioned amazing friend Shaunna for her birthday and I’m so glad they did because we had the most amazing time and we have both vowed to go and see it again! Hairspray, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Hairspray is my all-time favourite musical and I know every song and the plot inside out. These tickets were actually a Christmas present from my brother for both my mum and me and we had the most amazing night ever! I had huge expectations for it, with it being my favourite musical and my goodness did it exceed them and more! I was in my element all night and couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face – I also vow to see this every year as I always want to be that happy and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it!

So that is the end of my March memories. These are the things that stood out most to me and I feel like I need to appreciate my life a little bit more and reflect on all the good things instead of always focusing on the negative! I’ll be sure to do this every month and I can only hope that as the months go by, the list of memories will grow and grow! Please let me know some memorable things you got up to last month!

Thanks for reading,


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