Unparalleled by D.S Smith Review

Book Information

Title: Unparalleled
Author: D S Smith
Release Date: 24th July 2018
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Rating: 5/5
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40916742-unparalleled
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unparalleled-D-S-Smith-ebook/dp/B07DLGWN87


Waking up in a strange house, with no memory of how or why he is there, Stuart Milton finds his life has changed beyond recognition. His pregnant wife is missing, but his only living relative, his brother, is incapable of substantiating his claim. Lost in a world of confusion that is spiralling out of his control, Stuart finds temporary salvation in a psychiatrist assigned to his case. Meanwhile, peculiar events across the world lead a team of Oxford scientists to develop top secret technology that will change the future of humanity. Betrayed by double agents, the race to control this technology endangers the lives of all involved, which unwittingly includes Stuart and his psychiatrist. This enthralling journey takes Stuart to the edge of sanity, culminating in an unparalleled climax of kidnapping, betrayal and murder.


From the moment I started reading this book I knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy it (cliché I know). I am already a big fan of science fiction novels, and the mystery part of this book just made it all the more exciting. It was *that* exciting that I managed to finish it in one sitting – no matter how tired I become, I literally could not put this book down as they need to read the next chapter and find out what is happening was overwhelming.

With it being written with multiple POV, this personally made it all the more exciting. I always seem more drawn to books with multiple POV’s as I feel like you can explore the characters and the story more by seeing by many different perspective. Additionally, for a novel like this where there is a constant air of mystery, it makes it all the more exciting as it allows you to see into the eyes of someone else and their side of the story.

I was somewhat taken aback when I found out that Unparalleled is D.S Smith’s first novel. This is due to many things – for a first novel it is excellently written and beautifully descriptive and detailed that made it easy for you to imagine exactly what was happening and the surroundings, which is always important for a science fiction novel. Secondly, Smith has worked in the RAF and has a degree in biological sciences which shines through wonderfully in this book! I may be a bit bias as I am a fan of science and anything that involves learning about anything new, but despite all the “sciencey” stuff being somewhat difficult to understand initially, the characters and their knowledge worked with the reader to make it make sense by questioning things that the average person may not be familiar with. When novels rely heavily on scientific facts, it can be somewhat daunting for a reader to fully engage and understand a novel, but with this novel, everything was so well explained and it was great to learn new things!

If there is one thing I can usually guarantee when it comes to reading any book is that 9/10 times I usually hate the protagonist (or someone you are meant to love), but whilst reading this, I was shocked to find that I loved all the characters – good and bad – and this rarely happens to me, so it kind of says a lot. The relationships between the characters are one of the aspects that I like most about this book as they are so well-developed and written.

Even if you aren’t usually a fan of things that that mysteries (I usually am not), but love a good science fiction novel, I would definitely give this a try – I can guarantee that you will at least very much like it. D.S Smith is a wonderful writer and a wonderful man and I can only hope that he writes more books in the future!


One thought on “Unparalleled by D.S Smith Review

  1. Wow, thank you so much for giving me a much needed lift. Ever since this book went public my emotions have been like a roller coaster. Just to have one person appreciate it this much gives me so much pleasure. Thank you.


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