I went to the woods

There is a little rhyme that goes: if you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. I went to the woods and ladies, was I surprised. There we many surprises, some of them included how beautiful it was there, I literally felt like I had been transported to Canada when in actual fact I was like 40 minutes from my house, I was surprised at my fitness level – I wasn’t running any marathons, but being a sad, lonely person like yours truly, one doesn’t get out much so when you’re hiking through the woods for several hours, without getting out of breath, then let me tell you, that is a surprise, and finally the last noteworthy surprise was when I came across some Blue Tit (naughty) chicks.

I know you’re all super interested, so here are some pictures I took whilst on this journey through the woods and of self discovery (kind of).


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