2020 film releases I’m most excited for.

If you didn’t know, I have a degree in a English and film, so films are kind of a big deal to me. My goal in life is to become a screenwriter, so watching upcoming films aren’t just fun, but they can also be considered research. Win win.

Today, I’m going to be showing you all the 2020 film releases I’m most excited for. Hopefully, you’ll discover some new movies and have a decent time reading this post.

PS: some of the movies don’t have trailers yet, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

Bad Boys for Life
Release date: January 17.
Directors: Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

Besides this film oozing with nostalgia, it has everything you could ever want – action, comedy, Will Smith, crime, the classic ‘one last time’ line that every reboot has and honestly I am here for it. I grew up watching Bad Boys, so it’d be a sin if I wasn’t a little bit excited for the new film. From looking at the trailer, there doesn’t seem to be that much of a plot line besides two guys who refuse to leave the dangerous life behind, but when you’ve got a cast and a reputation that Bad Boys have, I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Release date: January 17
Director: Stephen Gaghan

Robert Downey Jr + animals + adventure, what more could you ask for? In all seriousness, this movie just screams magical to me and I believe it’s going to have many important life lessons throughout – vital for any family friendly movie. I’m certain everyone is familiar with the 1996 version of Dr. Dolittle starring Eddie Murphy, a movie we all love, but despite the same concept, these movies are so different from each other, I don’t think they’ll be any room to even compare them. Although Eddie Murphy is the OG for me, I’m sure Downey Jr. will pull it straight out the bag. Ps: getting strong Sherlock Holmes vibes from Dolittle, and let me tell you, I am living for it!

Sonic the Hedgehog
Release date: February 14
Director: Jeff Fowler

I thought I’d be tired of all this ‘games to movie’ concept by now, but I’m not ashamed to say I’m not. I used to love playing Sonic growing up and now to see him on a the big screen, takes me back to playing the game on my Game Cube. This film was initially supposed to be released earlier, but due to them designing Sonic like a blue person with a large head and very skinny legs, they revamped Sonic so he actually looks like himself. Best decision they ever made. Plus Jim Carey looks so natural!

The Call of the Wild
Release date: February 21
Director: Chris Sanders

Sometimes you just can’t beat a heartwarming movie about an old white guy and his dog. Although the dog is faker than the tories pretending to care for the working class, he is adorable nonetheless. A good old adventure movie that has beautiful imagery, with scenic landscapes and nature galore, what more could you ask for?

Release date: March 6
Director: Dan Scanlon

Disney has not let me down in the past and I’m pretty certain it won’t let me down in the future. I love the mix of the modern day and the fantasy world, it adds to the magic and the comedy of the movie. The two boys received a magical staff from their (presumably) deceased father to put him back together for one day, but it goes wrong and they only have the bottom half of him, therefore must go on a mission to try and fix him before the 24 hours is up. Action, adventure, a time-limited mission, a Disney animated movie AND Tom Holland, this has got me written all over it.

A Quiet Place Part Two
Release date: March 20
Director: John Krasinski

I absolutely adored the first movie, it was expertly written to ignite the right amount of emotions all at once – thrill, suspense, sadness, fear and hope. It was done to perfection. When I read they were releasing a second part, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I clapped. I’m not usually one for thrillers/horrors, but this movie and definitely the exception.

New Mutants
Release date: April 3
Director: Josh Boone

My opinion on this movie is very torn, on the one hand, I am looking forward to watching this movie as I have always loved the X-Men series. However, I can’t help but feel that adding a complete new movie to the franchise, when they’ve just wrapped up the the X-Men is kind of pushing it. However, I adore Marvel and have always enjoyed the concept of mutants and their diversity therefore, I must admit, I am looking forward to it. From what we can see in the trailer, it does leave me hopeful as we’re getting to see a story-line about mutants away from the X-Men, but still get a decent degree of action and suspense.

Trolls World Tour
Release date: April 17
Director: Walter Dohrn and David P. Smith.

There are two things I love most in this world – animated movies and musicals and this film combines the two of them. The first movie was *chef’s kiss* and I have no doubt this film will follow suit, especially with the added addition of various genres of music.

Promising Young Woman
Release date: April 17
Director: Emerald Fennell

There are many reasons as to why I am thoroughly excited for this movie.
1) It is directed by the Killing Eve executive producer and we all know that show is 10/10.
2) Raises awareness of how vulnerable women are when drunk and men easily take advantage of that and won’t accept what scumbags they are for doing it. Additionally, on how women are always perceived as being liars when it comes to sexual abuse/rape and how the man is always believed over her.
3) Features a top notch quality female protagonist who stands up for herself, is definitely no damsel in distress like most movies and can inspire women to take no shit and be cautious (obviously don’t go killing people, just don’t take any shit).
Please just go watch this movie, it looks fantastic and I have no doubts that it will prove me right.

Release date: April 24
Director: Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz
This film is brought to us by the producers of Get Out and Us and my, can’t you tell. The teaser trailer doesn’t give much away, but anything that highlights and raises awareness of the atrocities that black have faced and have to face, is a positive in my book. I’m sure this movie will bring with it tonnes of suspense, thrill and goosebumps and I am 100% not ready for it.

Free Guy
Release date: July 3.
Director: Shawn Levy

Much like many of the movies that Ryan Reynolds stars in, this one is bound to bring laughter. I mean the first 10 seconds made me chuckle and we hadn’t even seen anything about the movie itself yet. I have high hopes for this one. I’ve always wondered about the lives of the ‘other people’ in superhero movies and video games and this one is feeding my curiosity. My only qualm is, is that I had a movie idea surrounding this thought and now it’s been done. Guess I’ve got to write movies quicker. Plus have you seen who is starring in it: Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, Taika Waititi and Jodie Comer AND it is directed by Shawn Levy, the same guy who does Stranger Things – how can this movie be anything short of fantastic!

Jungle Cruise

Again, another film by Disney. This does remind me a lot of Jumanji and the fact that Dwanyne Johnson stars in it, only reinforces that idea but I loved Jumanji, so I don’t see nothing wrong with it – except maybe you could be slightly more original with your ideas, but why fix what ain’t broken? Plus, we have Emily Blunt and she is wonderful.
I also went to Disneyland for the first time last September (I haven’t been happy since, I long to return) and this movie is based on the ‘Jungle Cruise’ ride there, so this movie will have to do for a substitute until I can make it back to the place I belong.

The Witches
Release date: October 19
Director: Robert Zemeckis

I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty sure everyone is aware and totally excited for this movie! Roald Dah’s ‘The Witches’ comes to life once again in this wonderful 2020 adaption of the well-beloved novel. The original movie was released in 1990 (did not think it was that long ago) and that was a cinematic masterpiece. I’m certain Anne Hathaway will lead the movie and make a wonderful villain and Robert Zemeckis also directed the Back to the Future franchise (one of my all time favourites), but will it comes close to the original that we know and love?

The King’s Man
Release date: September 18
Director: Matthew Vaughn

I absolutely adored Kingsmen, 1 and 2 and although this movie has no Taron Egerton and Colin Firth, there is not a doubt in my bones that I will enjoy this just as much as I loved the others. This movie delves into first of the King’s Men (and women) and gives us every bit of action and humour as its predecessors. If anything it’s better because of good old Voldemort.

Release date: November 6
Director: Chloé Zhao

Just when you think a franchise has finally ended, you’ve dealt with the loss of your beloved characters, they bring out another franchise to fill the void. This movie occurs after Avengers: Endgame and focuses on a group of immortal aliens who have lived on earth for thousands of years, who reunite to (once again) protect earth from otherworldly creatures. As I said earlier, I am a huge fan of Marvel, so yes please.

Release date: December 18
Director: Travis Knight.

Another game-movie film and another Tom Holland movie – I am sucker what can I say. I used to love playing the Uncharted games, I loved the adventure, the action and the mystery throughout. I think it has wonderful potential to make a great movie!

This list was longer than I expected it to be, but I can for sure say that 2020 will be a good for one movies. There are so many more amazing movies being released this year (such as horrors, but they’re really not my thing) but these are the ones I am most excited for and are definitely up my street. Hopefully, all these amazing movies will give me inspiration for my own movie that I am writing – maybe one day my movie will appear on a list like this!


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