The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle Gameplay Trailer

The Sims team has just dropped a brand new trailer for the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack that is coming out this June. The trailer focused on the gameplay features that we can expect from the upcoming pack and let me tell you I am pumped.
If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then here it is for you to enjoy:

I’m going to admit, when the pack was first announced I was left feeling a little let down. However, after seeing this game play trailer and dwelling on it a bit, I am super excited for this expansion pack.
I’m going to dissect this trailer and point out a few game play features that have caught my eye and am most excited for! I may do some build/buy and cas posts soon too! Just saying.

The Overall ‘Eco’ Message

The main thing I admire about this pack is that it promotes such a good message about living a more Eco conscious lifestyle. Being a vegan and a lover of animals and the planet; sustainability and living a more conscious lifestyle is very important, so being able to live my best Eco life in The Sims is going to be *chefs kiss*. Additionally, it shows people the benefits of being for environmentally conscious and friendly to the planet and we could all be doing that right now. Recycle, reuse and go vegan pals.

Of course, we do have the whole Island Living game play aspect where you ‘bring back to life’ one of the islands in Sulani and become a conservationist, which too is very enjoyable, but I think this offers more depth to the game. The fact that the smoggyness and the overarching theme of ‘caring for the environment’ affects all the worlds, bar the destination worlds and Strangerville, makes it a lot more expansive and immersive throughout the whole game, instead of one small corner.

New Interactive Career

Fight me if you want, but it is very clear that we’re going to get a new career, much like the conservationist, gardener and fashion stylist that allows Sims to either go to work or work from home. I enjoy these types of careers as it allows you to be more hands-on within your Sims lives and include more immersive game play.

As the young gal I once was, playing The Sims 2 and 3, I always dreamed of being able to follow my Sims to work or school and see what they get up to and these types of careers allow me to live out that childhood fantasy and I am living for it. It’s also suggested that as you advance in the career you can create new inventions that can benefit the world and the environment, which for me, motivates you to work hard to advance a career. This is reminiscent of the scientist career that came with Get To Work, where you too, unlocked new inventions and potions within each promotion – this can sometimes be tedious, but it gives you something to work towards and it sometimes lacks in stuff to do. Sorry not sorry.

Dumpster Woohoo

If there’s one thing that I know excites Sims players, it is the prospect of a new woohoo spot and that is exactly what we’re getting.

Personally, woohooing in a dumpster isn’t really my thing, like imagine the smell! But you know, doing it in The Sims is totally acceptable and wonderful! I’m looking forward to spicing (or smelling) up my Sims lives, am I right?

A Possible New Death?

Speaking of things that players love, another thing we simply can’t get enough of is death. This is just a conspiracy but I’m thinking that maybe there is a new one?

If you look at this sequence, this is very similar to that of a cowplant eating your Sims: they grab something…

Then they get pulled in…

And then they eventually get spat back out. I wonder, if they try this again with a negative moodlet will they drown in the machine? Who knows. But maybe.

Community Involvement

There are many things lacking in The Sims 4, such as a baby that isn’t an object (no shade) but also, it is that your sims aren’t really involved with the outside world. Yes they can go fishing and go to nightclubs and restaurants (if you have the Dine Out game pack), but it always feels like your active household is progressing and doing things and everyone else around you just exists, except from Eliza Pancakes who likes to stalk your Sims, but shes an exception.

This community board where different Sims can vote on what they want the abandoned space to become seems like a very nice way to immerse your Sims into the community and make it feel like such. I hope this works as expected and we can expect surprises, because gals, I want to be surprised, its very vanilla at the moment, very Oscars 2019 if you’re catching my drift.

The Varying World

I’ve touched upon this slightly but I need to talk about it some more. First of all, I absolutely love the fact that we have a smoggy and ‘ugly’ (beauty is subjective, don’t forget) world that is unlike any of the worlds we have already. One thing about The Sims 4, it is that they are all about aesthetics, they want things to look pretty and pleasing to the eye and this pack just throws a big fat curve ball into that ideal with its trashy streets, disgusting air and people woohooing the dustbin. I LOVE IT.

Of course I’m going to make it a clean and green world, cos ya girl is all about the planet, but I just love that we have the option to make not just Evergreen Harbour a bit disgusting but the other worlds in the game too. I want Tory town Willowcreek to experience the smog of the working class and have Eliza Pancakes to know what it feels on the other side, where the grass isn’t as green.


Gals I love creativity. I’m a writer myself and I love creating me some stuff. This pack offers me all the creativity. You can make candles, you can have more fun creating the garden of your dreams (I do love gardening in The Sims), you can up-cycle your waste and even create fizzy juice. I love making things in The Sims and making money from things that your Sims have created, adding more of a challenge to their lives and having different ways to make money. Honestly, this is going to be perfect for a rags to riches.

Honestly I think I’m going to have so much fun with this pack. It adds so much more depth to the worlds and the gameplay aspects where we have to consider our actions that affect the environment around us. At first I was like nah, but now I’m totally like yah.

There seems to be so much you can within this packs, whether its create a sustainable and off-the-grid lifestyle for your Sims, make a living from selling your handcrafted goods or simply explore a new, dirtier way of living. My expectations have been risen, I hope they don’t get crushed to the ground when it actually comes out. I have hope.


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