The Sims 4 ‘Grandma’s House’ Speed Build

A Brief Introduction

Alright there my lovelies? Welcome to another Sims 4 themed post. You will be seeing a fair few of these from now on, because if you didn’t know, alongside books, The Sims franchise is another great love of mine. I’ve been wanting to do a Sims inspired Youtube channel for years but never had the confidence – I have created an account and plan to post speed builds on there, but after years of people telling me my accent is ‘very Mancunian’ and that I should ‘speak properly’ I have discovered I am very self-conscious about it, therefore I will not be doing voice overs. (yet)

Whilst I was trying to sleep the other night, I came up with a solution – why not do the commentary as a blog post? So here we have it. An experiment if you will. I’ll post the video and write up a full commentary about the build. If you’d like to subscribe to the Youtube channel you can here. Might be a flop but it’ll be fun for me.
Now, on with the show!!!

Grandma’s House Speed Build

There are two things that are understated in The Sims 4 and that is the elderly and children/toddlers, so I wanted to make a house for both of these things. My idea was that the child’s parent passed away, therefore it was left for the grandmother to care for them.

I aimed for this house to be modest, but still spacious enough that it wasn’t cramped for the both of them. It features 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, a kitchen/dining combo and a decently sized side garden that the grandmother uses to grow her produce. In my mind the grandmother loves plants nature and the theme of this house pertains to that, as well as keeping an ‘old-timely’ feel with the flower wallpaper and dated furniture.
I did skip a little of the build as roofing isn’t my strong point and I was very indecisive when planning the kitchen and dining room with it not being a large space. I loved how the kitchen turned out though, as I think it gives off a country-style feel and can imagine a little old lady baking in it at the early hours of the morning.

A lot of the children/toddler’s stuff is kept to their bedroom as I didn’t want the house to be overrun. Although the child lives here, it is still grandma’s house and I feel like she’d like things just so. However, I did put down a few items to indicate the presence of a child as I’m a family gal and believe children should run free. I’m not an animal. There is a kiddie pool outside which I absolutely adore, the toddlers look so sweet when they’re in their swimming costumes splashing around, in addition to a highchair in the kitchen (the kids got to eat), in addition to a few decorative items around the place. I even added a cat tree, litter-box and bowl, because what is a home without a pet?

I’m far from a builder, I am much more of a player (if I do say so myself), but I’m really happy with how this house turned out. I think it’s really sweet and suits the characters I had in mind (you can see them at the beginning of the video). I’ve played in this house with these characters and it worked a dream. The grandmother had a beautiful garden, overflowing with fruit and flowers and the toddler thrived in the spacious home. Landscaping is not one of my strong points, in my mind, the more flowers I add the better it will look and you can’t go wrong with hedges. I tried my best ok!

The house costs 57,791 Simoleons and is placed on a 30×20 lot. You will need to enable the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat before placing this build and some things may get deleted. I built this house in Windenburg, the Queen of the worlds in my opinion and it fits in so nicely. This house is on the gallery if you want to download it, my gallery ID being: zoeplant96 . I hope you enjoyed this style of post. I promise they will get better in the future, practice makes perfect! I did forget to put screenshots in the video so I’m going to insert them here instead.



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