Sims 4 Build: Suburban Family Home

Hello and welcome to another Sims 4 speed build commentary. I really enjoyed the last so I have decided to grace you all with some more wonderful Sims 4 content.
The new expansion pack, The Sims 4: Eco Living is now available, but I built this house before that was released therefore does not showcase it all. I’ve been a bit slow on The Sims content currently. I am the worst.

Now without further ado lets get into the build. Below you can find the video that was originally posted on Youtube channel and the commentary underneath!

I struggled fairly with the layout of this house (although you can’t see it because I cut it out of the video) and had to redo do it a good few several times. However, i’m pretty with how it came out in the end. I tried to keep it as open plan as I could and really utilize the space, although at time I did struggle finding things to fill in the space, that is why you are hit in the face with a grand piano as soon as you enter the living area. This house features a pretty large kitchen, equipped with an island, a separate laundry room, dining room, office, 2 master bedrooms and a children’s bedroom furnished for 2 children and 3 bathrooms. It is very much a family-friendly house with plenty of space for kids to run around, bookcases and skill building objects around the place and remnants of mess less behind by little fingers.

I wasn’t really sure as to what style I wanted to make this home – at first I was trying to go for a very homely, wooden kind of vibe but as I was building it just became a fairly generic, yet homely kind of house. It’s nothing too special but I think it’s perfect for any family, little or large.
Whenever I furish houses I always try and have a family in mind that I am building for, which in this case is two parents their twin children who love games and adventure and their teenager daughter who is artistic and shares her bedroom with the families beloved pet cat. I did use a fair amount of the packs in this house and unlocked the career mode items to get that beautiful sunflower bed – a bed which I don’t use nearly half as much as I wish because I always forget its there!

I did build the house fairly large and the plot isn’t the biggest so the back garden isn’t the biggest or the best but we have all the necesities – a BBQ, a table and chairs, plenty of trees and flowers and activities for the kids. I even included a bird feeder, because you know, you’ve got to care for the wildlife!
I am very fond and proud of this house – I don’t usually build houses of this size and although it was a challenge, I had so much fun building and furnishing it. Next time I’m definitely going to make a smaller house, but it was nice to step out of my comfort zone for a while.

I have previously stated, I am not generally a builder in The Sims 4, most of my time is usually spent exploring the game play features and doing continuous rags to riches challenges, but I can’t exactly speed build that! If you would like to download this house it is on the gallery, my ID is zoeplant96.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed another Sims 4 inspired post.


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