Exciting news here my friends – if you couldn’t tell from the title then I’m going to tell you again. MY FIRST BOOKISH BOX IS NOW UP FOR SALE ON MY ETSY PAGE!!! – the link is here – I am so super duper excited for this and have invested a lot of time, money and excitement into this box so if you could purchase one or give me any sort of feedback I will be thrilled!


I have made the option available for you to choose whether you want a fantasy book or a contemporary book in your box you there’s something for everyone and having a choice is always nice isn’t it! Both of the books I have chosen seem like really incredible books and definitely something I am going to read myself – I wouldn’t have chosen them otherwise! The fantasy option does come with a signed bookmark which is very exciting.

Due to this being my first box, there are only a limited number of boxes available to purchase so be sure to grab yourself one before they are all gone! Thank you already for all your amazing support and I hope you enjoy the book if you happen to get one!!

A very excited Zoe


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