Into the Summerland by Julian Cundy

Author: Julian Cundy
Series: Novella
Published: 1st March 2018
Rating: 3/5


The eternal question – what happens when we die? Is there a consequence from how we lived? Is there a reckoning?

Henry Ashton’s turbulent life is at an end. As he moves on from this world, he discovers how elusive the final peace can be.

With a spirit companion by his side, Henry learns there can be no peace without reconciliation; no rest without acceptance. He must walk his own path to absolution.


From the offset I got ‘A Christmas Carol’ vibes from this book – whether this was intentional or not, I’m not sure, but if anything, I’d refer to this novella as a modern day ‘A Christmas Carol’. When Henry passes, the spirit takes him on a journey through his life, looking at key events that have shaped him and those that he may need to reflect on in order to be more satisfied with his life and those who he spent it with. By seeing Henry reflect on his life, you can’t help but think back on your own life and think about those little insignificance’s and how, perhaps, they aren’t that insignificant after all.

Cundy’s writing style makes it very easy for you to be on the journey with Henry, with it being somewhat simple so it is easy to read but also very informative so we can truly see and feel what Henry is also. The question of ‘what happens after we die?’ isn’t necessarily answered in this novella, as no one really knows until we are dead ourselves, but this story makes you hope that when we die we are taken on a journey through our life, seeing those we love once more and the satisfaction that life isn’t completely over when we die; although we are no longer on Earth when we leave, parts of us will always remain with the memories of our loved ones and the things we leave behind.

If there’s one thing to take away from this novella, it is that death isn’t really quite that scary after all. It is an everyday occurrence that everyone is going to experience one day. The best thing to do is live your life to the fullest so when you do pass on and hopefully able to look back on our lives, we have no regrets.



One thought on “Into the Summerland by Julian Cundy

  1. The comparison to my hero Charles Dickens is the zenith of any feedback I may receive. Appreciate it’s relative in its intent, but grateful nonetheless 🙂


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