Meraki Candles ‘Sidekicks’ Unboxing

As you all know I love me some subscription boxes, candles and all things fandoms. So when it was announced that Meraki Candles’ (website here) new monthly box was ‘Sidekicks’ and was based around ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Sherlock’, I just had to get it because they are 3 of my most beloved fandoms. If you haven’t got the slightest idea what I’m talking about, then let me explain – Meraki Candles is an independent candle company based in Scotland; in addition to selling candles on their own in their store, they also do boxes which are based around a theme that include candles and a couple of bookish items.
I wouldn’t say my first experience with Meraki Candles was a good one as the box was late and an item which was supposed to be in the box didn’t show up in time for them to put it in the box (they did say they’d send it out once it arrived to them, but alas I am still waiting – I suppose it can’t be helped), I must admit all the candles were perfect and each one smelled delicious.

I know you’re all eager, so lets see what was inside!


This is an overall view of what was in the box. Doesn’t look like much (an item was missing bare in mind), but honestly, all of the candles smell delicious so I suppose it’s worth it just for that!


First up we have my personal favourite from the box and that is Samwise from The Lord of the Rings. The scent is green leaf, rose and wood and is the most purest and cleanest smell ever. It perfectly encaptures Samwise’s personality and his love for gardening and all things nature. It’s extremely refreshing and makes me feel like I’m lay on a field somewhere surrounded by nature. The colour is also the most beautiful shade of green, and I really want to paint my walls in it!


The most important sidekick of all – John Watson from Sherlock Holmes. I’ve always been a major fan of the Sherlock franchise, so to have a little piece of it that I can sniff to my hearts content make me extremely happy. The scent is English pear and vanilla and really reminds me of a baby smothered in vanilla ice cream. It is a little sweet, but the smell of it overall is delectable and very much a pleasant one. It also makes me really crave a vanilla ice cream, as that is the most prominent of the two.


The first of the Harry Potter candles!!!! I knew what they Harry Potter related candles would be as it isn’t hard to guess so I was so excited to see how Meraki Candles would encapture the scents and personalities of two very much loved characters.  I must say, she encaptured it perfectly for Hermione. The scent is bergamot, lily and vanilla which gives you a somewhat musky ‘old’ smell that can be reminiscent of a library – aka Hermione’s favourite place – but also quite floral and fresh, making a perfect combination. If you happened to get the ‘come back yesterday’ candle which was featured in the Fairloot ‘mystery and mischief’ box, then it smells very much like that one.


Of course the Ron candle had to be orange! The scent is cut grass, parchment and spearmint and is said to be inspired by what Hermione smells in Amortentia, which of course perfectly fits Ron as he was sadly a victim of the most powerful love potion. I’d say it smells quite spicy which I really like as it’s different from the others and captures Ron’s sometimes firey personality and his passion.

In addition to the candles we also received the ‘books and cleverness’ Hermione sticker, the Sherlock Holmes magnet and the sidekick badges which features the name of each candle. I personally was a little let down by the extra items in the box as they certainly aren’t much, and others boxes I have seen previously have had more and better things inside. However, I will see when/if the other lost item will arrive and make my final judgment then. I’m not sure whether I’ll get the box again due whether or not I think it’s worth the money as this box was £17.99 not including shipping, but I will continue buying just candles from Meraki, as they are always such great quality and they smell absolutely amazing!!

That’s all for now, thanks again,


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