Black Lives Matter

Presently, throughout the world, there are protests for Black Lives Matter – protests that stemmed from the murder of an innocent black man by three cowardly, murderous police officers. This event happened in America, but the mistreatment of black people happens all over the world. And although the murder of George Floyd is what prompted the protests, he is not the only victim or reasons as to why these protests are happening. Black people have been discriminated against for centuries for simply having a darker complexion than white people. They have been murdered, abused, let down by society and treated differently by everyone surrounding them for no other reason than existing. And it has to stop.

We as a world are standing together to fight off oppression, the mistreatment of black people and general police brutality that has been happening day in and day out for far too long. We as a species can not allow our fellow humans to be treated so poorly any longer. White supremacy is and always has been present and it is disgusting. No one should be less or more of a human being because of their upbringing, their birthplace or the colour of their skin. We do not have a ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ race we just have a human race and we are failing. Years of propaganda and negative depictions from our ‘leaders’, those with a large voice, movies and so-called history (all bullshit) have painted a negative image of anyone who has a different skin colour other than white.

The protests have been happening for nearly 2 weeks now and although there has been bad to come out of (ongoing police brutality, white supremacists and more death) there is also positives that have come from it – people are beginning to wake up to what is happening right in front of us. People are receiving repercussions for their actions, murderers are being treated for what they are, laws are changing and statues that glorify slave traders and colonialists are being torn down. All this has happened and still there is so much more that needs to be done. People have still not had justice for their love ones being murdered in cold blood, their murderers walking the street acting as if they don’t have blood all over their hands; prominently occupied black communities still require more funding; the police force needs a whole overhaul of education, polices and defunding – using that money where it is needed most. But none of this can happen if we stop.

We mustn’t stop.
We must keep having our voices heard.
We must keep fighting for our black friends, using our white privilege for good.
We must donate if we can.
We must sign as many petitions as humanly possible.
We must support black owned businesses and artists and writers and anyone trying to make it in this world where they won’t get a second glance because of the colour of their skin.

This can only happen if we stand together and keep standing together. Educate yourselves and get your voices heard. The media is propaganda and our voices must outshine theirs.

Black lives matter now, black lives mattered then and black lives will always, always matter!

For information of where you can donate, petitions to sign, resources and general information about the current happenings of the movement, then please visit:


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